Your Most Voiced Concerns


Traffic and Congestion

Congestion from my ward is something that is getting worse due to the growing communities and lack of growth infrastructure. This is something I experience daily and reassure you I share your concerns.   

I am always asked when a road will be widened, or why it hasn't yet been widened. When I came into my position as City Councillor, I learned that widening roads is a more challenging task than I had thought. I absolutely agree that we need supporting growth infrastructure with the all of the new builds being approved.

To address this, I have met with the General Manager of the Planning Department and have had conversations with MPP’s and one local Minister as to how we can better manage growth-related infrastructure. As some background information, growth-related infrastructure must be funded by Development Charges (DC’s). Currently, the City raises roughly $55 million each year in DC’s, however, there is an underfunded project list that requires an additional $40 million annually.

The other issue is that the City collects DC’s only months before residents move into their new homes. There is no possible opportunity for the City to fund growth-related infrastructure projects such as road widening if the funds are collected at the end of the project. This is something I am trying to change. The City will never catch up to the point where growth-related infrastructure is constructed to meet demand if we do not change how we do business.



After hearing from many of my residents, I understand the growing concern regarding inefficient transit in our communities. This issue is existent in Riverside South, Barrhaven, and Findlay Creek. My overall goal is to install dedicated bus lanes, running in the north and south direction, during peak hours. I've met with City staff of Planning to discuss this and is something I am continuously working on.


On April 16, 2019, I met with City staff of OC Transpo to go over your concerns and to discuss solutions. The main point during the meeting was that LRT would fix all the issues. Now that we are one week into LRT, I am intrigued to see how it will affect transit and if it will be the solution that they, and all of us, have been hoping for. 

I have been taking transit on the days I travel to City Hall and taking the routes most discussed by my residents. I intend to continue riding transit until and after all service changes are made on October 6 to accommodate LRT, so I can identify some of the issues existing in my ward.

I reassure you that transit remains one of my top priorities and I intend on meeting with OC Transpo again so we can work together to find the best solutions.


Online Reporting with the Ottawa Police

Should you bother to report a minor incident to the Ottawa Police? The Police understand that for some residents, using their online system can seem daunting. They have taken steps to simplify the process, and have significantly expanded the scope of the types of incident(s) that can be reported online.

With the recent crimes including thefts, break-ins, etc, the key messages we've taken is to report all incidents, big or small, directly to the Police as they are report based and evidence driven. 


Deputy Chief Steve Bell explains in this video why reporting is so important.

Report online or by calling 613-236-1222.


Speeding and Inappropriate Driver Behaviour

Speeding is a huge issue in our community, particularly in school zones. To tackle this, we must work collectively as a community. For more information on what you can do, check out this video.

Any incidents of speeding or inappropriate driver behaviour, such as not stopping at a stop sign, I encourage you to report these incidents directly to the Ottawa Police using their online reporting tool. The more reports, the more enforcement. This is important to ensure speeders are caught and ticketed.

Throughout the year, I heard from many of you about the need to prevent speeding that goes beyond reporting to the Police. Through the City's Temporary Traffic Calming (TTC) Measures Program, measures such as speed display boards, metal flex-stakes, pavement markings, community signage, are possible. This year, I worked with many of you to install these measures and hope they are effective. 

Please note, the TTC Program has come to an end for the 2019 season. I appreciate all of those residents who contacted me with your TTC requests. Any new requests will be considered for the 2020 season. For more information, on this program and how you can get measures on your street, please feel free to contact me.